I love creating websites for my customers and I love their reaction when they see it for the first time ‘out on the web’ !

Here are some testimonials from my wonderful customers.

Working with Chris was very easy. She was ready to listen and take into account our different demands. Chris was able to propose us different web site layouts that would appeal to the different target audiences we are talking to and the charitable nature of our association. 
As you build a web site it is important to work with a flexible designer, who is capable of reacting quickly and modifying layouts as content is defined. Chris was very open, taking initiatives to move the creation process on and so put the site online rapidly.

— Belinda Picaud  www.amourenboite.fr

When I needed a website for my business, I turned to Chris from emerald38.com. She did everything for me. She was professional to the last. Endless patience as she walked me through the process, listening to my needs and interpreted them perfectly. I am really pleased with the results. I will definitely recommend her to others.

– Diana Powell Bodrone www.sagefemmechevreuse.com